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Today Trinity is a vibrant, engaging faith community active in worship, fellowship and community outreach.  Our church strives to be welcoming and to enable individuals to discover for themselves, the significance of Jesus Christ in their lives.

If you are searching for a faith community, we invite you to contact us, or better yet, pay us a visit.

Our History

Old St. Thomas Church Walnut Street

Located on Walnut Street in the City of St. Thomas, St. Thomas Pioneer Church’s heritage value is greatly enhanced by its contextual setting. Surrounded by a graveyard dating back to 1819, the church yard is the final resting place of many generations of Anglicans in St. Thomas. The lych-gate and many trees in the cemetery also enhance the park-like surroundings of the church.  St. Thomas Pioneer Church is associated with Col. Thomas Talbot and Capt. Daniel Rapelje.

The Old  St. Thomas Church was restored in 1986 and is still used today for Weddings, Services, Christmas Caroling, and Concerts.

Old Church-ed

Trinity Church Southwick Street

Due to the overwhelming growth of the Anglican community, a new site was sought, and found at the Northeast corner of  Southwick and Wellington Street in the latter portion of 1876. On “Trinity Sunday, May 27, 1877”, four years before St. Thomas became a city, the new Trinity church with a seating capacity of 600 was opened for service.  This spacious, Gothic edifice is still one of the most beautiful churches in this part of Canada.The bell from the Walnut Street church was moved to the new Trinity Anglican Church where it still calls worshipper on Sunday mornings.

There are many artistic forms of various crosses within Trinity Church, symbolizing its ethnic beginnings in the English culture. Colours of the “91st Battalion of Elgin”, as well as the colours of the “Elgin Regiment”, are displayed as a tribute to the fallen heroes of both the First and second World Wars. The first rector of Trinity Anglican church was “T.C. Des Barres from 1877 until 1878.

The “100th Anniversary” was held on Trinity Sunday, June 5, 1977, with Reverend “Canon Michael R. Griffin”, a former rector, as guest speaker.